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As I mentioned these amps were made in Van Nuys, California right near Fender in the good old USA….. This example is Vintage Acoustic Control Corp. G60T mod. 163 tube based guitar amplifier a 60W 1X12 combo it's all-tube, has two switchable channels for clean with preamp-gain and overdrive with drive and own preamp-gain. I bought this example in Jun 2007 from Bramsche, Germany. As you can see, the amp is in excellent shape inside and out. Amp covering Brown tolex is super clean with no rips or tears. A grill cloth Obrazeksuper clean with no rips or damage of any kind. Overall condtion is very nice. Works great with fantastic sound and projection.  The sound is excellent, with clean as well as overdriven tones, and naturally very penetrative sounds, plays loudly. This amp is rated at 60 watts but it sounds more like 100 watts. It has a very rich crystally clean tone. With the touch of a switch it has the over-driven tones of a vintage Fender. This G60T has the most warm clean sound for  professional players and other players alike. They are very highly sought by. The accutronics reverb is just heavenly. I wish all other amps had this reverb too. The G60T has the speaker Obrazekwith a very nice a brand top quality Eminence 100W which sounds fab as the original speaker does. It is an all valve amplifier 2x 6L6's (TAD 6L6 GC-STR) and 3x ECC 83's and this is a fantastic clean sounding amp. It´s equipped with a very nice bright switch, polarity switch and stanby switch so it is very easy on tubes. The back panel has a speaker out and can be switched between 4 and 8 ohms. It has preamp out and poweramp in which may be used as an effects loop. If the poweramp in is used, the preamp is cut off. Also on the back are the footswitch jacks for channel and reverb switching, the Fuse an a Holder for a spare fuse. Sometimes good to have one. At least there are tObrazekwo speaker jacks for the build-in one and and external one. If both are used you can swith from 8 to 4 Ohm resistance. An active 3-band EQ for both channels. These could be an own EQ for every channel but this is not the concept of this amp. The G60T 112 is a loud and powerful amp. The Amp is a heavy and solid construction. It ´s a very rare piece of a good musical history. I wish to each other has the Acoustic amplifier too.
























Dimensions: 22" x 18" x 10 1/2". (šířka 56cm x výška 45cm x hloubka 26cm)weight: 28 kg

Power:  120V/240V, 50/60Hz, 300 Watts (per back of amp)

  • 2 channels (can use with footswitch) 
  • Front input jacks:
    • HI / LOW 
  • Front Panel knobs:
    • Volume 1 / Volume 2 (Vol 2 is two-stack knob)
    • Treble / Mid / Bass 
    • Reverb / Master (volume)
  • Front Panel switches:
    • VOL 1 / VOL 2
    • GND / REV
    • ON / STBY
    • ON / PWR
    • BRT (white button)
  • Rear controls / switches:
    • Footswitch jacks
      • Reverb 
      • Volume (channel) 
    • Pre-Amp Out jack
    • Power In jack
    • Extension speaker jack
    • Speaker jack
    • Speaker impedance switch (4 or 8 ohm)

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