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ObrazekSince I'm quite knowledgeable about the Acoustic Brown Tolex / Oak & Walnut & Oak amplifier series, I would like to help you with a cross-reference of the MODEL NUMBERS of your an Acoustic amplifiers you might have. It took a lot of time to find all of information to put the cross-reference of the Acoustic model numbers  together. You know what I think is interesting about this subject?  ...it's that nobody there in America seems to have the information you might be seeking. You can import it from Prague, the Czech republic, Europe! :) Seriously, It tooks a lot of years and I spent a „tons“ of money to find all of information to complete this cross-reference of the Acoustic model numbers as follows. Now I have put this cross-reference of the Acoustic model numbers in my website to share it with other Acousticians from over the world. I surmise that maybe I found and displayed Obrazekhere some information that you might like to have. I'm glad if my work it will be able to answer for you. Any questions are warmly welcome, please email me. Let me wish you to have a great time with your an Acoustic gear! I hope that Pirk's the cross-reference of the Acoustic model numbers  will be able to answer you what's that gear you are playing called. "There is only ONE THING better than an ACOUSTIC Amplifier & that's TWO ACOUSTIC AMPLIFIERS!"


SOLID STATE PRODUCTS: since 1981 year until 1983 year.
. the Acoustic G20-110 Combo = MODEL 105
. the Acoustic G60-112 Combo = MODEL 109
. the Acoustic G60-212 Combo = MODEL 111
. the Acoustic G120 Amp Head = MODEL 250
. the Acoustic G120-112 Combo = MODEL 123
. the Acoustic G120-212 Combo = MODEL 127
"TUBE" PRODUCTS: since 1978 year until 1980 year.
. the Acoustic 160 Amp Head
. the Acoustic 164 Combo 112 
. the Acoustic 165 Combo 112 W
>>> Please do not confuse them with the G-series produced since 1981 year as follows.
"TUBE" PRODUCTS: since 1981 year untill 1983 year.
. the Acoustic G60T-112 Combo = MODEL 163
. the Acoustic G60T Amp Head = MODEL 162
. the Acoustic G100T Amp Head  
. the Acoustic G100T-112 W = MODEL 165
. the Acoustic G100T-112 = MODEL 164



> I assure you are owner of an G100T even if the sticker on the chassis of your amp says: Model 165 and S/N or Model 164 and S/N. It's the same case like my the G100T in hardwood case where the sticker on the chassis of my amp says: Model 165 S/N XXXXXX. I tried to find answer to this question for a few years. Now, I have to say that it happened somewhere in the middle of production (about 1982 year) the Acoustic Control Corporation stopped marking amps from G-series as MODEL 160 or 164 or 165, on a type plate located at bottom side of a chassis inside the amp. They probably comprehended that this way of marking it could mystify some of their customers to confuse "newer" G-series (produced since 1981 year) with "older" 160/164/165 series produced since 1978 year. Later, these amps are signed on the type plate inside the amp simply, it says: the G100T 112 or the G60T 112 or so and serial number, nothing else. Let you imagine that the Acoustic Control Corporation was a small factory and only a few guys worked there what I know of. >

SPEAKER ENCLOSURES ONLY: since 1981 year until 1983 year.
. the Acoustic 212GS = MODEL 466 - (Slant, Sealed System)
. the Acoustic 412G = MODEL 468 - (Straight, Sealed System)
. the Acoustic 412GS = MODEL 469 - (Slant, Sealed System)
. the Acoustic 112GW = MODEL 464 - (Wood, Open Back)
. the Acoustic 112G = MODEL 465 - (Tolex, Open Back)
SPEAKER ENCLOSURES ONLY: since 1978 year until 1980 year.

. the Acoustic 466 = 2x12" - (Slant)
. the Acoustic 468 = 4x12" - (Straight)
. the Acoustic 469 = 4x12" - (Slant)
. the Acoustic 464 = 1x12" - (Open Back)
. the Acoustic 465 = 1x12" W - (Open Back)
>>> They look identical to cabinets from following series, which means they were not redesigned. They were renamed only to be fully addressable with new G-series produced since 1981 year.
Yes, .... you're absolutely right when you surmise the following:
> The letter "G" denotes FOR GUITAR as opposed to for BASS.
> The letter "S" indicates a contoured/slanted speaker cabinet.
> The letter "T" indicates a TUBE-based amplifier.
> The letter "W" indicates a hardwood case of Oak & Walnut & Oak.


Hope this helps and remember that you read it here first, folks:-).


With my best ... Pirk


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