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Fender Acoustasonic Junior - made in USA

This is a pre-DSP Fender Acoustasonic Junior amp made in USA - typ 334. Has a great analog chorus channel and a genuine spring reverb. This is the earlier version of the amp with the great sounding analog chorus circuit in it! It's got a pretty cool vintage look and is plenty loud for gigs.This amp is an acoustic guitar player's dream! With dual 40 watt channels for piezo-equipped acoustic/electric guitars, bazoukis, electric violins as well as a microphone XLR jack . This amp is perfect for soloists and duos. The Acoustasonic JR is modeled after the 1960 Fender Vibrosonic that Fender used to introduce the brown tolex that is used on the AJR. The AJR even has tilt-back legs like Fender amps of old. The AJR sports dual 8" speakers and a hi-frequency tweeter. Additonally, you will find 2 discrete channels each allowing you to enable reverb and chorus as needed. The piezo channel has tons of controls for eliminating feedback and piezo distortion.

The closed-back panel has a convenient courtesy wrap for the power cord as well as an effects loop, the Send output jack of which also functions as a line out for recording.

Now to the best part... TONE! This amp makes all my guitars sound schwet! And I am not the only one that feels that way. You can adjust the true stereo chorus from just barely noticeable to so thick, it'll keep you warm on the coldest winter's night. And the reverb is just excellent! What more can you say about.


  • Fender Acoustasonic Junior Amplifier
  • Model No. PR-334 (not DSP model) Made in USA
  • Dual 40W Channel 
  • Accutronic USA 3 spring reverb tank - 8EB2C1D Fender part 003-1669-000 (Measure 9 1/4" - Medium decay - Input impedance 800ohms - Output impedance 2575ohms - Mounting: Vertical connectors down - Connectors: Input insulated/Output Grounded)
  • Dual 8" Foster/Culver 5OW 8ohm Speakers & High-frequency Tweeter
  • Master Chorus & Phase Buttons with Rate, Depth & Master Reverb Controls
  • Fender pot/trimmer control 50KB Snap in Amp - Fender part 003-4719-000
  • Fender skirted Acoustasonic Knobs - genuine Fender part 005-5758-049
  • Fender spacer bushings to Acoustasonic Knobs - Fender part 003-3206-049
  • Instrument Input with Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Feeback Notch, String Dynamics Controls & Reverb Switch
  • Mic and Line/Inst Input with Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb Send Controls & Phase/Chorus Buttons
  • Master Stereo FX Loop Inputs on the rear panel
  • Built-in Power Cord with wrap