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Fender RI '52 Telecaster '94 (MIJ)

Fender '52 Reissue Telecaster - Made in Japan

This is a '52 Reissue Fender Telecaster model TL52 DGF (neck pocket green stamped) made in Japan, neck type stamped B. I have not owned this guitar from new but it has been little played. The guitar is in very good condition for its age, in general the instrument has been very well looked after. A black body with pickguard replaced by mint green Custom shop USA. The neck is solid one piece maple which has aged to a creamy, vintage honey yellow color. It has that true 1952 fat V shape profile, with original slotted vintage excellent Gotoh / Kluson style tuners, 21 vintage frets and R 184 / 7.25" radius. Chrome bridge (Fender pat. pend.) with 3 large Steel Saddles. I have replaced the bridge pickup but apart from that the guitar is entirely original. The guitar is set up with a buzz-free low action with 10 gauge strings. It has a rock solid feel and keeps its tune superbly. The guitar sounds great with a bright cutting tone from the bridge pickup Dimarzio Chopper T and a more mellow bluesy tone from the neck pickup. The neck pickup is great for blues and jazz, sounds much warmer/darker than any other Telecaster I've had.