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Fender Stratocaster - Candy apple red metallic (MIM)

05022013005.jpgYou're looking at Fender Stratocaster which plays like a dream. The guitar has custom made aghatis body with Candy apple red metallic on it. One ply white pickguard is genuine Tokai '85 MIJ and pickups are 2x Fender USA '50 Alnico for middle and fender-stratocaster-mim---candy-apple-red-metallic..jpgneck position + 1x Seymour Duncan SHR-1b humbucker on bridge position. Fender vintage style synchronized tremolo (Chrome), 6-mounting screws, Fender stamped saddles. The neck Fender Stratocaster '05 MIM, one-pice maple, is beautiful and has 21 vintage frets. The neck finish is polyurethane. The truss rod is operational from the head of the neck. The head has Fender Schaller American Standard Tuners Chrome that stays in tune very well. Weighs 3,0 kg / 6.6 lbs.