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Ibanez B660 - 1979 made in Japan

Ibanez B660 made in JAPAN!  A very rare guitar that I have never seen in my 20 years of collecting in guitars. Very unusual with a 6-on-a-side Fender-style headstock. Probably made in the FujiGen factory, since it is such high quality workmanship and materials, The top is “X” braced, has a 2-piece back with a black center-seam, 4-ply top binding, 4-ply back and side binding, 10 rings surrounding the soundhole. The scale is 25 5/8” with 20 frets and a 1 ¾” nut width. Very ornate split parallelogram mother-of-pearl style position markers. Inlaid crosses on the bridge, compensated bridge saddle on a “moustache” shaped bridge. Dark tortoise pattern pickguard in great condition. Cream neckheel cap trim. Lower bout is 15 ¾”, upper bout is 11 ¾”, depth is 4 1/8”, length is 42 ½”. Huge sound with a very deep bass, balanced midrange, bright treble, and great projection, as with all the Japan-made guitars I have. Looks in nearly unplayed condition  Frets are cleaned and fretboards treated with neck honey.