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Acoustic G60-112 FET mod.109. Probably the best solid state amp that was ever built. The Acoustic Control Corporation was an amp/pro-audio manufacturer (they also made one guitar model and one bass model in the 70´s) from Van Nuys, California. The company was founded in the late 60´s and closed in the mid 80´s. If you know anything about this amp company you know that these were some of the best solid state amps made in the 70's.

This is an early 80´s 60watt, 1 x 12" combo amp. I bought it at the end of year 2006 from first pre-owner in an excellent shape. This amp does sound very good. It has two channels (clean and drive),Reverb, Master, Mid, Treble and Bass. In the back there is an external speaker and preamp out. there is also a plug for the footswitch which I have. It also has a very nice reverb and an incredible built-in overdrive. Very warm overdrive - definitely not death metal, but warm. The clean can get a nice beefy tone as well. The clean is super clean and the drive channel has a great tube like overdriven distortion. Not a headbanger amp but great for classic rock, blues and country.

ObrazekWhen I played this amp in the studio it blew people away "Is that a tube amp" one gentleman asked. It's definitely a piece of history. It has an incredible sound for being a solid state amp (good for rock, blues and even jazz). It's solid as a rock. It's always there. It needs no mantenaince at all.

The amp has been used, and it's about a quarter of a century old, but  looks very clean. This has a brown ugly covering gorgeous brown tolex and some type of carpeted screen cloth. The grill cloth is in very good condition as well.

This amp has really impressed me and is a great all purpose amp. This amp is great and gives me a great rehearsal.

ObrazekChuck Berry and Albert King used this brand. Whenever I find one at a good price I will Buy. I suggest you do the same. Unless you want to spend $1000 on an amp or end up with a sucky little amp with no tone or power.

This amps are becoming collectible because of the fact that they were some of the last solid state amps built by a real company in the USA. Their quality (and quality control) was superb. Amps like this (unfortunately) cannot be made in large quantities any longer, because they would not be able to compete with (lower quality) imports. 

Acoustic G60-112 Brown tolex - speaker Eminence 100W 8ohm.

Weight: 19 kg.

Dimensions:  výška 17,5“(44,5cm)      šířka 15,5“(39cm)       hloubka 10,5“(26cm)



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