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Fender Telecaster 60th Anniversary (MIM)

Few guitars are as historically important as the Fender Telecaster. In fact, you could argue that the stalwart instrument is the most influential guitar of all time. Since its official release in 1949 as the Broadcaster, the Telecaster has been prized and praised for its no-nonsense tones, and simple and elegant design. 2006 was the 60th anniversary of Fender and guitars from this year carry at least a special medallion on the headstock some also carry a special 60th neck plate.

anniversary-60-telecaster-2006.jpgHere we are talking about Fender Telecaster 60th anniversary made 2006 in Mexico. The guitar’s 3 Colour sunburst alder body is finished Fender’s nitrocellulose-based lacquer, which is closer in composition to the finishes that Fender used before changing to a nitro overcoat and poly undercoat finish (to increase strength against dings and wear). The alder wood grain is clearly visible through the body’s paint job and the finish felt smooth and glassy. The wear is there but looks good in a relic kind of way. 
Classic Telecaster appointments include a black pickguard, three-way switching, and volume and tone controls, while the pickups are DiMarzio DP 384 Chopper T for bridge position and a noiseless Gibson P100 at neck position. It had a Gibson P90 in the neck when I bought it but I dont like the earth buzz you get from single coils so I put in a noiseless Gibson P100. Now very clear and clean.
anniversary-60-telecaster-peghead-2006.jpgThe guitar has authentic Fender chrome plated steel bridge plate with 6 fully adjustable powder coated, Amerian Series bridge saddles for string-through-body Telecasters. The strings through body are 10- 46 on there. 
The 60th Anniversary features a traditional one-piece maple neck with a 25.5” scale length with more modern features like a 9.5” fretboard radius, medium jumbo fretwire, rolled fret edges and a modern C profile. Fender American Series Sealed Schaller Tuners. They come complete with the headstock bushings and washers. No screws are needed.
fender-60th-anniversary-headstock-medallion-from-2006.jpgThe guitar, as you can see from the pictures, has some wear on the neck .... but plays very well. It is well played in. Badge on rear of headstock saying 60th anniversary (2006) and neck plate is the "f" symbol. 
The action is very low but does not buzz. I take a lot of care setting up my guitars nicely so they feel nice to play. It's a great guitar. Really nice action and feel to it, makes me want to pick it up and play everytime I walk around.