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Fender RI '57 Stratocaster E-series '84 (MIJ)

Fender '57 Stratocaster Reissue Made in Japan E-series number '84-'87

Serial number: E967396 

Here we have a very rare Fender Stratocaster MIJ E-serial number 1984! Here’s one of the coolest Japanese Strats I’ve had in a long time! I've only seen these in catalogs but never had one in person. A great guitar with killer Fender Japan quality and attention to detail. The body is basswood. The finish is Fender's classic 50's Aqua Marine Blue Metallic and is set off by a single ply 8 holes white pickguard.

Like most Fender Japan guitars, this Strat has great feel and tone. The neck Fender Japan MIJ ST-357V feels great and has nice action. Very soft V, almost a round C shape profile a medium neck. It feels very comfortable and plays great all the way up and down.  It is a quick and smooth player with a low, tight action.  The 25.5 inch scale maple neck features a maple fingerboard radius compound 7.25" = 184 with 21 vintage style frets. The neck has a nice vintage style tint. Peg head fitted by two Black plastic Roller Strings retainers.

Original pickups sound fantastic.  They have all the warmth, depth and "spank" that you would expect from any great strat. The pickups with aged covers. The Fender ceramic single coils are loud and proud and offer tons of versatility. A great Strat with trademark Fender tone.

A vintage style tremolo, string through bridge and Gotoh japan tuners. All you would expect from great strat in chrome.

A cool and rare guitar! It is a great playing and sounding Strat and has all the characteristics and qualities of a fantastic Made in Japan Stratocaster. Condition wise this one has been played and has a cool vibe.

In general the E series Fender Japan Stratocasters are excellent. On the Stratocaster or Fender forums I frequent, the common consensus is that the Fender Japan E series is excellent over all. There were also E series Stratocaster made in the US during the 80s and some of those are not very good. 

Fender’s Japanese built guitars have earned a great rep among many players and collectors. For good reason, they are excellent instruments. Unfortunately Fender no longer offers Japanese built Strats outside Japan. You can get one directly from Japan and pay over a grand plus shipping. You’ll also have to pay import duties and customs fees if you go that route. The Fender logo E series was made between 84-87 when CBS were selling to FMIC (which took place in 1985).  Because CBS sold the machinery and the Fullerton plant separately, FMIC had to move from the Fullerton factory to Corona.  Because of the move the US arm of Fender couldn't service high levels of production so Fender Japan did so. Great guitars for the money, probably better than any of the US made Fender's.

Maple neck – Gotoh japan tuners - Black plastic Roller Strings retainer – 21 frets – 1 ply white pickguard – Aged/off-white covers, knobs, tips - Vintage style tremolo – body Basswood – Aqua Marine Blue Metallic body